Frequently Asked Questions


What most clients usually ask.

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DO insurance plans cover treatments?

Some employer extended heath benefits packages do provide coverage for Registered Psychotherapists. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that your plan has the required coverage. Please call your insurance provider and inquire if Registered Psychotherapist licensed in Ontario is on the list of the approved providers.

What is the difference between psychotherapist, psychologist and psychiatrist?

Let’s rephrase the question. What is common between psychotherapists, psychologist and psychiatrist? The answer is the act of psychotherapy.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors, they can prescribe medication, diagnose and monitor mental illnesses.

Clinical Psychologists assess and diagnose mental conditions, they hold Masters or PhD in Psychology, and many provide regular ongoing talk therapy treatments.

Psychotherapists can assess  for mental conditional but cannot communicate the diagnosis or prescribe medication. Psychotherapists, alike social workers and counsellors, are mainly concerned with providing regular ongoing talk therapy and other therapeutic treatments.

is a referral required?

A referral from a medical doctor is not required in order to start counselling, however, if there is a diagnosable condition, or a suspected diagnosable condition, it is strongly recommended that a diagnosis is conferred by a C. Psych, or MD in order to start psychotherapeutic treatment in a responsible manner. It is also advised that you are in active care of a medical or a naturopathic doctor while in therapy with me if you are taking medication.

Can you and my doctor coordinate?

I strongly believe in the circle of care. I encourage collaboration among health care professionals who are actively caring for a patient. What is required for that is your written permission, by a filling out a form, to allow me to speak and coordinate treatment with your doctor, naturopath, coach, chiropractor, yoga instructor, RMT, spiritual guide or whoever is actively engaged in the care of your wellbeing.

What is body oriented therapy?

Leveraging mind-body connection and theory that parts of our bodies store information that is not accessible to the conscious thinking mind, body-oriented therapy is a light touch approach that involves flexing/relaxing muscles, moving joints to gain access to somatically suppressed information, release emotion, move knowledge to the conscious mind where it can be mentally processed through talk therapy. In also involves breath work, and meditative practices such as centering and grounding. Read more here >>

What is reiki? hOw does it work with other therapies?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. It has made it’s way into many cultures and healing practices. Simply by placing my hand’s onto self or another person I allow the energy to flow through me, as practitioner, and then through my hands into your body to receive the healing. Reiki energy comes from the highest and the lightest source, is the pure energy form, it is extremely powerful and healing. Reiki does not conflict with other health care, but facilitates it’s benefits.

What is hypnosis? What is hypnotherapy? what’s the difference?

Hypnosis is a state of extreme relaxation, heightened awareness and increased suggestibility of the subconscious mind. Therapists facilitates they client to go into the state of hypnosis by using various relaxation and concentration tools and techniques.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic process that happens while the client is in the state of hypnosis. It can be reading suggestion to the client to facilitate a change of attitude, desires or behaviours. It can also be a form of a dialogue where a client converses with the therapist while being in the state of hypnosis through body movements or speaking.

Will i remember what happens while i’m in hypnosis? will i be out?

With hypnotherapy you will full maintain your conscious awareness, will power and independent thought process. Your conscious mind will be present, observing and allowing of the therapeutic process. You will not be “out of it”, “cluck like chicken”, or “meow like a cat”. You will not be asleep. You will maintain full memory of the therapeutic process. You will be able to choose feel and release emotions.