Confidentiality is of the outmost importance in our work.

I am governed by, and I strictly uphold, the Professional Standards of the College of the Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and well as the guidelines set forth by the Canadian Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association.

Legal Limits to Confidentiality

child abuse or neglect

If you tell me about a child who has been abused or is being abused, I have to report this to the Children’s Aid Society


If for some reason you are involved in a court case, your records may be subpoenaed. I do everything I can to keep records confidential, however it may be out of my control to do so.

abuse by another health care provider

If you disclose that another health care provider has sexually abused you, I have to report it to the appropriate governing college.

planned harm to self or others

If you tell me that you are planning to severely harm yourself or someone else, I have to intervene to make sure that you and/or the other individual is safe.